HRI Vacancy- Belize Coordinator

HRI Vacancy- Belize Coordinator

Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative,

Smithsonian Institution
1755 Coney Dr,

Belize City, Belize

Belize Coordinator

Within each of the four Mesoamerican reef countries a coordinator is required to connect government, private and civil organizations both nationally and internationally to facilitate the successful implementation of this program. The purpose of this contract is to support the Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative, ensuring that the goals of this program are met within Belize and that partner efforts and achievements within Belize are collated and disseminated to other partners across the region and beyond. The HRI Belize Coordinator will coordinate the activities of Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative (HRI) in Belize, through a sub grant to Fragments of Hope, led by Lisa Carne. The Coordinator shall assist the HRI program director in arrangements for the project activities which include organizing meetings and workshops within Belize and the wider Mesoamerican region, coordinating the collection of coral reef and social economic data and subsequent dissemination, drafting project correspondence as required and liaising with the partners and the general public as a representative of the HRI program. The Coordinator will support the work of the HRI program director, HRI Coordinators from the other 3 MAR countries, Post-doc, project partners and Belizean government departments in data collection, data management, preparing maps and data summaries, partner liaison, outreach and public relations. The aim of
the contract is to support the coordination and flow of information within Belize and among the many parties involved in the HRI. The Coordinator will organize one AGRRA training workshop, and implement coral reef monitoring of approximately 40 sites across Belize; He/she will also implement a pilot study of restoring herbivory through reseeding Caribbean King Crab and Diadema, in conjunction with Lisa Carne, Fragments of Hope.

1) Coral reef Monitoring and Research Coordinator will:
a) ensure that all research permits required to conduct underwater surveys and other research activities in Belize are obtained and up to date prior to conducting any activity.
b) work with the HRI program coordinator and marine science Coordinator to complete the 2018 reef monitoring plan as defined for Belize.
c) organize and teach at least one (1) training event for HRI Belizean partners for Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessments monitoring during 2018, targeted to include at least fifteen (15) individuals.
d) participate in data collection through underwater visual surveys in reef monitoring sites in Belize, following a mutually agreed upon list of HRI sites, depending on budget availability.
e) compile and verify that the data collectors correctly enter all Belizean HRI monitoring data into the HRI database, within two weeks of field collections, and ensure data integrity.
f) implement the pilot research program to restore herbivory inside the no-take zone of Gladden Spit Marine reserve (tentatively planned for this location). The study will be designed in collaboration with the HRI team, FOH, and other involved partners.
2) Outreach and Communication
a) The Coordinator shall assist HRI program coordinator in the production and dissemination of products to build public awareness about coral reefs and the HRI program including the development of new content such as informative videos, infographics, events, workshops, photos and will liaise with the press and media to organize appropriate dissemination.
b) The Coordinator will participate in national science and outreach activities, such as Reef Week, NCRMN, Spawning Aggregation Monitoring network etc..
c) The Coordinator will provide weekly updates and bimonthly reports on their activities to share on social media to the HRI social media point of contact.
d) The Coordinator shall read and adhere to Smithsonian directives and guidelines for all social media content and postings and other directives pertaining to the production and dissemination of other media content as required.
3) Administration and Reporting
a) The Coordinator will provide a monthly summary of his/her activities, which will include a brief description of their achievements/accomplishments, a log of meetings attended (in person or by phone), and update a list of HRI partners and contacts as required.
b) The Coordinator will assist in the production of narrative reports for inclusion in general program reporting
4) The Coordinator will facilitate and coordinate the information flow among all parties involved in the HRI program. The Coordinator will support and coordinate project partners, which include non-government organizations, private enterprises and government agencies in Belize to enable the collection of ecological and socioeconomic data related to the status and use of coral reef resources in Belize. Salary commensurate with experience. Approved travel costs also will be covered. The Coordinator will be provided a laptop and camera. Coordinators are expected to provide their own working space, cell phone and internet connection.

MSc in marine resource related field and 5 years minimum work experience, with research experience.
Belizean nationality.
Scuba diving certification at least Rescue Level and experience with reef monitoring.
Good organizational, administrative and people skills.
Proficient writing and computer skills. Self-starter, great attitude, and team player.

Contact: Melanie McField, HRI Director.
Deadline: February 5, 2018 for expression of interest

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