TASA Vacancy- Finance Manager

TASA Vacancy- Finance Manager

Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association
1216 Blue Marlin Blvd
Belize City, Belize

Vacancy- Finance Manager

The Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association (TASA) is a non-governmental conservation management organization formed by Turneffe Atoll stakeholders to co-manage the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve (TAMR).

The Finance Manager is a member of the senior management team, responsible for all aspects of financial management of the organizations programs, working collaboratively to ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures, national requirements, as well as donor regulations. S/he works under the direction of the Executive Director and is responsible for all financial functions including accounting, payments and banking, payroll, budget development and management, financial reporting and grant financial management and compliance. S/he should be able to communicate with donor and government partners, verify systems and understand and follow appropriate procedures and archiving. In addition, the Finance Manager, in support of the other Programs, provides timely reports and assistance to the Executive Director and the Program team to ensure that financial resources are used efficiently and effectively.
The Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association’s Finance Manager (FM) shall utilize his/her experience, skills and knowledge to assist the Executive Director and staff of the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association in advancing its goals and objectives as set forth by its Board of Directors. The Finance Manager shall manage the Finances and Revenue Generation of TASA and the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve (TAMR) in accordance with the TAMR Management Plan, and any other plans approved by the Board to guide the management of TASA and the marine reserve.

Qualifications and Skills:
This position requires a reliable and responsible person with the ability to work accurately and neatly in an organized fashion. Strong written and oral communications skills are required. The Finance Manager must be able to work well with a team and also independently. This position
requires knowledge of the operational requirement of marine protected areas and a background or experience in finance and revenue generation.
The Finance Manager must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and/or Business Administration with 5 years’ experience in Finance. Having worked previously at an NGO and/or in support of a marine protected areas is an asset.

Duties and Responsibilities
 Responsible for the financial management of the organization, inclusive of the protected areas co-managed under the organization’s portfolio and any business arms of the Organization which may currently exist or be brought online.
 Supervise the overall finance of the organization and ensure financial efficiency where possible.
 Prepare monthly income/expenditure statements for the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.
 Provide monthly reports to the Executive Director and Programme Managers on general operating budgets.
 Prepare periodic reports on specific grant contracts to Programme Managers.
 Informs Executive Director of status of expenditures and budget changes on a regular basis.
 Prepare and complying with the annual budgets based on the operations plans, the TAMR Management Plan and a fund raising strategy.
 Assists with leadership, and evaluation of the Accounts Officer to achieve desired outcomes.
 Respects and promotes the organization’s values.
 Assist in drawing up and recommending draft policies for the organization.
 Assist with positive relation building with current and potential donors.
 Represents the organization in national and international forums and is available to travel.
 Fosters strategic alliances and collaborative efforts with peer organizations and others to achieve organizational goals.
 Provides assistance and support for adequate supervision and coaching for staff growth and performance.

Financial Management
• Prepare the annual operating budgets with input from the Executive Director and Managers.
• Ensures that financial controls are in place and are adhered to.
• Control and monitor organizational expenses for TAMR and office expenditures.
• Conduct quarterly and annual analysis reports for TAMR as it pertains to income and expenditure with detail to areas where budgeted figures were exceeded.
• Prepare other fiscal and financial reports as may be required by the Board of Directors for the proper and prudent management of TASA’ affairs.
• Prepare financial reports to donors as required.
• Assist the Programme Managers in preparation for their programme and project budgets.
• Attend Finance Committee and Board meetings to provide detailed accounting information.
• Uses a robust system of accounting and financial management for the proper monitoring and administration of funds and decision-making on strategic financial matters, including cash flow, monitoring of budgets, revenue generation and expenditures by project, by donor etc.
• Ensures internal financial controls are in place in accordance with the policies prescribed by the Board and TASA’s Financial Operations Manual, and that the annual audit occurs.
• Supervise accounting staff to ensure financial controls are being followed and deadlines are met.
• Verify monthly bank reconciliations and verify postings weekly.
• Supervise the maintenance and preparation of Social Security and Income Tax payments and reports and ensures that these payments are made in a timely manner.
• Ensures that all Accounts Payables items are paid in a timely manner.
• Prepare TASA accounts for the annual audit in a timely basis.
• Oversee the annual audit.
• Keep records and ensure the maintenance of an effective financial filing system.
• Supervise the updating and maintaining of assets register.
• Make recommendations for and implement internal controls.
• Conduct random checks on project sites, entrance fees, sales, inventories, etc at TAMR
• Ensure compliance with financial procedures as outlined in Articles of Association, Employee Handbook and Finance Manual.
• Maintain all employee records as it pertains to payroll information and any advances, loans, etc for employees, ensuring up to date information.
• Any other pertinent duties which may be assigned from time to time.

Revenue Generation
 Assist in the development of a fund raising strategy for TASA/TAMR.
 Assist with developing business plans with projected investment returns for TAMR where the potential for income to be increased exists.
 Assist in the development of a user fee collection system and oversee the implementation and ensure financial controls and accountability are in place.
 Assist in bringing the fee collection system on line and liaising with key clients for the purchase of tickets.
 Assist in the establishment of a gift shop and products at TAMR for sale to visitors as a means of revenue generation.
 Assist in a five year development strategy for the implementation of infrastructure and services for TAMR.
 Supervise and manage all administrative staff needed for the administration of revenue generation at TAMR as outlined in Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve Management Plan.
 Assist with administrative aspects of revenue generation for TASA and TAMR including logistics, supplies, staffing and infrastructure development and construction.
 Responsible for Reserve staff development, training in relation to customer service and revenue generation.
 Reporting – prepare reports and updates on budget, finances, revenue generation, infrastructure development and by project and by donor as directed by the Executive Director

Qualifications and Experience
• A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Business management with proven knowledge of NGO accounting and business administration
• Minimum of five years’ experience working with NGOs.
• Experience in Financial Administration
• Excellent knowledge of QuickBooks
• Excellent writing and communication skills; good analytical and reporting skills
• Experience with project management
• Self-motivated individual that can work without close supervision.

Any other matters
 Assist with other development and revenue generation matters for the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve as directed by the Executive Director.

Mission and Values
Must be passionate about the organization’s mission and fully share its values.
Must understand the link between revenue generation and core objectives of TASA and TAMR.
Must understand the key needs of the primary client that will pay for use of TAMR.

Knowledge for working with digital tools.
Knowledge of principles and practices of NGO leadership and management, marketing, including managing finances, revenue generation, controls and people, and working with governing bodies and governmental agencies.
Knowledge of finance, procurement, collection and control systems and audit principles.

The position is based in Belize City and pay will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. The Finance Manager will also be assigned to work from TAMR as necessary. Belizean resident preferred.

To apply: Please send your letter of interest, CV and two references to office@tasabelize.com or drop applications at TASA’s Office.
Application deadline: February 9th 2018

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