The Association of

Protected Areas Management Organizations

APAMO was formally constituted in 2007 to facilitate unified representation for protected areas management agencies. Today, APAMO is considered Belize’s frontrunner network of non-governmental conservation organizations dedicated to conserving irreplaceable natural resources within the national protected areas. Our mission is to effectively support the National Protected Areas System to maintain its capacity to protect biodiversity and provide ecosystem goods and services that are critical for socio-economic resilience and national development.

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For a membership organization such as APAMO to stay relevant and continue to succeed, it needs to listen to and adapt to the evolving needs of its members. APAMO must be efficient at networking and advocacy and should seek to address the professional development needs of the collective membership.


Effective protected areas management is at the core of what APAMO does. In this regard, management effectiveness evaluation becomes key, and thus the capacity to ensure effective management by APAMO members is utmost priority.


APAMO is accountable to its stakeholders for the effective use of funds, donations and services entrusted to it. APAMO ensures that the appropriate processes and structures are in place to direct and manage the organization's operations and activities at both the institutional and the organizational levels.





APAMO, in partnership with The National Channel (TNC10), is excited to introduce the pilot for the APAMO Conservation News program.
The APAMO Conservation News (ACN) program is a response to growing environmental concerns and the need to build public awareness and support. The ACN offers APAMO members an opportunity to take their place as The Voice of their Protected Area and share their stories with a wider audience. The goal of this project is to educate viewers, both local and international, about the flora and fauna of Belize and its ecological and socioeconomic importance. We are eagerly excited to shed light on incredible conservationists in our network who have dedicated their work and life to the sustainable development of our country and the preservation of the wildlife that inhabit.

The Voice: June 2023 is OUT NOW!

APAMO's 16th Anniversary with this CONSERV-A-THON

On October 8, 2023, the Association of
Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO) celebrated a significant milestone—its 16th anniversary as Belize’s leading network of environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). In commemoration of this significant achievement, on October 7, 2023, APAMO held “APAMO’s 16th Anniversary Conserv-a-thon.” The event, a 9.8-mile run, not only promoted health and fitness but also raised awareness about the existence and important role of protected areas. The run began in front of Xaibel Gas Station at 6.5-mile Hummingbird Highway into the Thomas Vincent Ramos Highway, ending inside the Mayflower Bocawina National Park (MBNP). The Conserv-a-thon attracted forty runners, each driven by their shared commitment to contribute to the conservation efforts championed by APAMO.

The event was hosted by APAMO’s Central Resource Center (ACRC) with the support of its key partners, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT), the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), and its member organizations.

The 9.8-mile run concluded with a brief ceremony at the MBNP. Each participating runner
received a memento medal, and the top finishers were awarded attractive prizes. We thank Mr. Ismael Teul, PACT CIS Manager, Mr. Josue Carballo, BTB Director of Industry, and Ms. Roshell Daley, Chairlady of MBEDG, for continuously demonstrating their support for the work of APAMO with their attendance. As APAMO reflects on its journey over the past 16 years, despite the numerous and diverse nature of challenges encountered, it remains steadfast in its dedication to serving as a voice for its members, particularly the smaller grassroots Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) that act as custodians of protected areas, buffering their communities. Our forests and protected areas
are being threatened on a daily basis. APAMO calls on the respective Government departments and ministries to join us and embrace our efforts as meaningful partners. Strengthening the collaboration between the Government and non-state organizations like APAMO can only result in positive gains for Belize. The success of APAMO’s Conserv-a-thon serves as a living testament to its mission, ensuring a legacy of environmental conservation for the benefit of future generations. APAMO extends sincere gratitude to all participants, partners, member organizations and sponsors whose contributions led to the success of the 16th Anniversary Conserv-a-thon.


CANARI Ranger Engagement Expo.

In recognition of World Ranger Day July 31st 2023, APAMO in Partnership with the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) hosted its very first Ranger Engagement Expo.
The CANARI Ranger Engagement Expo was a one-day event held on July 29, 2023, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at Mayflower Bocawina National Park under the theme: “United for Climate Action: Emphasizing Park Rangers Commitment to a Sustainable Future.”
Under the umbrella of the Green Climate Fund Readiness Project, this gathering of dedicated professionals reaffirmed the importance of unity and collaboration in confronting the challenges posed by climate change and emphasized the critical role of Civil Society Organizations in preserving our planet’s delicate ecological balance.

Meet The APAMO Environmental Guardians Youth Group

On July 28th 2023, APAMO Environmental Guardians from several host organizations celebrated its Annual Field Day event. This day of action-packed adventure, in partnership with our member organizations, brings together youth from across the country to celebrate and encourage environmental action by young environmental enthusiasts.
The day was a whirlwind of adventure, filled with team building exercises, engaging presentations, stimulating conversations and fun activities resulting in an unforgettable experience. To all members of the APAMO Environmental Guardians youth group, thank you for embracing the call to adventure! Your enthusiasm and active participation made all the difference.
Thank you to our Partners and Sponsors who were essential pillars of support. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your belief and support in our cause. Your contributions have made this event possible and have a major impact on our conservation efforts.
And to our extraordinary membership, you are the driving force behind our success. Your passion and hard work have set new standards for environmental stewardship in Belize, and we couldn’t be prouder of the commitment you showed to our shared mission.

APAMO welcomes Her Excellency Ms Nicole Davison, the British High Commissioner to Belize

We are pleased that HE Ms. Davison was able to join the team of the APAMO Central Resource Center (ACRC) yesterday afternoon. The ongoing work of the ACRC with its member organizations and key areas of work including climate change were shared with and highlighted to her. She did the same noting a climate change initiative being undertaken by her Government that may be of relevance to APAMO as an umbrella organization. APAMO looks forward to any future opportunities of collaboration with the Commission and remains committed to welcoming any partnership that shares common goals and objectives.

APAMO/STACA Media Exchange: Empowering Protected Area Managers to Engage with the Media and the Public!

On July 8th, 2023, Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association (STACA) in partnership with APAMO hosted a Media Knowledge Exchange. This collaborative activity was specifically designed to equip Protected Area Managers, operating under the APAMO umbrella, with the essential skills required to effectively communicate with the media and engage the public.
This transformative workshop brought together notable professionals in media, including Marisol Amaya from KREM News, Dale McDougall from The National Channel, and Jose Sanchez from Belize Audubon Society. During this engaging workshop, participants had the opportunity to enhance their communication abilities through interactive sessions and expert guidance.
APAMO extends its gratitude to our esteemed partners for their invaluable support: the Belize Tourism Board , the Protected Areas Conservation Trust , and our dedicated membership. We would also like to express a special thank you to the Statistical Institute of Belize for providing a conducive environment for learning and networking.

APAMO Welcomes its Newest Members

We are thrilled and honored to extend a warm welcome to the Itzamna Society, co-managers of the Elijio Panti National Park, into the APAMO family. With representation from the three buffering communities of El Progreso-Seven Miles, Cristo Rey, and San Antonio, the Itzamna Society are the best suited custodians of their own backyard. Their deep-rooted connection to the land and profound understanding of its ecological and socioeconomic importance, is an invaluable asset to our collective pursuit of the sustainable management of the National Protected Areas System. As we continue to strengthen our collective voice, we are confident that the Itzamna Society’s local knowledge and dedication will greatly contribute to our shared vision for a sustainable future.
On Monday July 3rd, 2023, the ACRC Team welcomed Itzamna’s Chairlady Maria Garcia, Head Ranger Aurellio Garcia, Technical Assistant Rigoberto Saqui and Finance Officer Janelle Canto. This meeting served as an orientation of APAMO membership where goals, opportunities, procedures and expectations were discussed.

Strengthening Financial Operations: ACRC Workshop Enhances Financial Management Practices for MBEDG and STACA

On July 1st-2nd, the management teams from MBEDG and STACA participated in a two-day workshop on financial management organized by the ACRC. At APAMO, transparency and accountability are fundamental principles, driving our commitment to implementing robust financial policies and procedures among our member organizations.
By providing guidance and support in financial matters, we aim to ensure that our members uphold effective and efficient financial operations. This includes verifying the accuracy and reliability of accounting data, as well as complying with relevant laws and regulations. We firmly believe that establishing sound financial management practices is essential for the long-term success and sustainability of our organization.

APAMO Welcome Our Newest Addition to the ACRC Team

My name is Debbie Trejo, and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management at the University of Belize. I am a passionate conservationist and advocate for the protection of the environment. In my free time, I enjoy giving back to my community through volunteer work and outreach programs that teach the importance of our natural resources and the need for sustainable management.
APAMO’s mission to serve as “The Voice Of Protected Areas” in Belize and its ongoing efforts to aid in the protection and sustainable management of our natural resources perfectly align with my passion and aspirations. I am confident that my time at APAMO will provide me with new opportunities to advocate for the conservation of our Protected Areas and our natural environment. Additionally, I am excited to engage with a diverse group of individuals who share the same passion and contribute to the sustainable management of our natural resources for future generations.

Service with a Smile: ACRC Facilitates Customer Service Training for Grassroots Members

APAMO, recognizing the significance of tourism for the financial stability of its member organizations, has undertaken a proactive approach to ensure that visitors, both local and international, depart with a positive impression.
On June 10th-11th, frontline personnel from Mayflower Bocawina Environment and Development Group (MBEDG), and Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association (STACA) attended a two-day workshop facilitated by the ACRC, focusing on enhancing Customer Service practices. This represents a significant step towards enriching the visitor experience within Protected Areas.
APAMO extends its heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partners for their invaluable support: the Belize Tourism Board, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, and our dedicated membership. We would also like to express a special thank you to the Statistical Institute of Belize and Mr. Kevin Geban for graciously sharing your resources and expertise. Your contributions have been instrumental in our endeavors, and we deeply appreciate your continued collaboration.

Community Climate EXPO

APAMO in partnership with Caribbean Natural Resources Institute hosted its very first Community Climate Expo to promote the work of CSOs to mitigate the impact of climate change. The event took place at the Macal River Park in San Ignacio, Cayo on May 27th, 2023.The participation of various CSOs at the expo highlighted the collective efforts and diverse approaches employed to address climate change and its effects on Belize’s environment and communities. These organizations showcased their initiatives and projects, demonstrating the crucial role they play in promoting conservation, sustainable development, and resilience in the face of climate challenges.

Among the CSOs that actively participated in the expo were the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, Ya’axche Conservation Trust, Belize National Biodiversity Office, Mayflower Bocawina Environmental and Development, San Antonio Women’s Group, Green Iguana Conservation Project, Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association, Xe’il Belize, Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Maya Mountain Cacao, Ikooma, and Green Clean Products. Each organization presented their innovative solutions and practices, highlighting their contributions to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

In addition to the CSOs, the expo also provided an opportunity for local food vendors and small businesses to showcase their sustainable products and services. This aspect of the event promoted the importance of supporting local enterprises that adopt eco-friendly practices and contribute to the overall sustainability of Belize.

To further enhance the ambiance and engagement of attendees, a live band was present, adding a festive touch to the expo. The music and entertainment created an enjoyable atmosphere, encouraging visitors to explore the various exhibits and engage in meaningful conversations about climate change and its implications for the community.

APAMO Welcomes its Newest Members

On April 14, 2023, Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Executive Director Eli Miller and Park Manager Arvin Coc met with the APAMO Central Resource Center (ACRC) team for orientation of APAMO Membership.
It is with great pleasure and honor that we welcome Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, co-managers of the Monkey Bay National Park, to the APAMO family. As we continue to strengthen our collective voice, we are confident that their expertise and contributions will play a vital role in achieving our shared vision for a sustainable future, working towards a common goal of safeguarding Belize’s natural resources.

APAMO's Second Annual Ranger Forum

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO) held its Second Annual Ranger Forum at Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary under the theme, “Park Rangers at the Forefront Protecting Belize’s Biodiversity, Natural Wonders, and Cultural Heritage.”  

The forum was facilitated by APAMO’s Central Resource Center Team (ACRC) in collaboration with its member organizations. This annual event is intended to unite Protected Areas Rangers from across the country and provide a platform for them to openly dialogue on the work they undertake at protected areas daily. The Forum aims to provide Rangers of Protected Areas with a unique platform to discuss the pressing issues they face on a daily basis, as well as offering a range of insightful presentations and refresher courses that are crucial to their day-to-day operations.

Civil Society Organizations Accessing GCF Funds National Capacity Building Workshop

On Tuesday, March 21st, 2023, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) attended a three-day National Capacity-Building workshop under the theme “Strengthening Civil Society’s Access to Climate Finance in Belize.” held at Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina.

The workshop was facilitated by the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) and Willis Towers Watson (WTW) in partnership with the National Designated Authority (NDA) for GCF, the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Investment and the National Coordinator and Civil Society Liaison for the CANARI Readiness Project, the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO).

The objectives of this workshop were to engage key civil society stakeholders:

1. To strengthen knowledge and skills on how to develop a project concept to access financing from the GCF and other climate funds;

2. To strengthen understanding of key cross cutting themes, including gender and Environmental and Social Safeguards (ESS), and specific requirements of GCF to enable access to Climate Finance; and

3. To Foster dialogue and engagement between CSOs, the NDA and accredited entities in Belize to stimulate the integration of CSOs’ priorities into climate finance frameworks and project pipelines for GCF and other funds.

The workshop was led by Dr. Laura Canevari, CEO and Founder of ITACA Solutions, along with Ms. Nicole Leotaud, Executive Director of CANARI. The National Capacity Building workshop aimed to enhance the knowledge and capacity of CSOs’ to access Climate Finance and better enable Climate action. APAMO is pleased to have led this first capacity building activity and to keep CSOs engaged in climate finance. Future initiatives are being programmed to facilitate continued development of prospects for the Climate Action Team.

PRESS RELEASE: APAMO Leads Climate Action Team

On February 10, 2023, the Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) and its Climate Finance Unit (CFU), launched its Belize-Green Climate Fund (GCF) Country Programme. Following the launch, the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO), in partnership with the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) held a National Civil Society Climate Action Forum.

The forum served as a beacon, calling forward Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to join a CSO Action Team. This team is being established as an informal network of CSOs, including non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations to support their effective engagement in climate change processes at the national and local levels. Furthermore, it will strengthen knowledge sharing and partnerships to enhance their access to climate finance and implementation of climate adaptation and mitigation in Belize.

Welcome to the March 2023 edition of the APAMO quarterly newsletter! The start of the new year saw a number of activities that are critical for conservation in Belize, from reforestation of mangroves across the country to building capacity and access to Climate Finance. We are excited to share with you the latest updates on what conservation communities are doing across the country to address the growing environmental issues currently facing Belize.

In this edition, you will find a diverse range of articles highlighting the efforts of APAMO members to promote the protection of the flora, fauna, culture and heritage of Belize.



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