Protected Areas Conservation Trust
March 2019- February 2022

The main objectives are to establish the ACRC as a Central Hub for Protected Areas Co-managers, to improve management capacity of the CBOs and to assist CBOs in accessing funds and to develop new income generating opportunities.

GEF Small Grants Programme/ ICCA
March 2020- December 2021

The project aim is an institutionally strengthened APAMO network that has a financially empowered membership undertaking effective protected areas management whilst generating its own revenue under the APAMO brand and a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Protected Areas Conservation Trust
August 2020- January 2021

This project is to assist Co-managers with Financial Gaps as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CANARI/ Green Climate Fund
September 2020- August 2021

To enhance civil society’s capacity, including knowledge, skills and organizational structures, and the enabling external institutions to improve access to climate finance and delivery of climate change adaptation and mitigation in the Caribbean

Protected Areas Conservation Trust
June 1, 2017

To strengthen protected areas management by improving coordination, networking, advocacy, mainstreaming climate change, culture and gender whilst addressing the financial sustainability of protected areas in Belize through the Association of Protected Areas Management Organization, APAMO.

Protected Areas Conservation Trust/ World Wildlife Fund

March 4, 2017

To pilot a Central Business Development Center (CBDC) as a financial empowerment strategy to strengthen financial sustainability enabling improved management effectiveness of four protected areas. The four organizations targeted are: Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association (STACA); Friends of Swallow Caye (FOSC); Community Baboon Sanctuary Women’s Conservation Group (CBSWCG); and Rio Blanco Maya Association (RBMA).

Global Environmental Fund – Small Grant Program

August 10, 2016

The effective management of biodiversity hot spots within protected areas that will maintain their integrity providing critical environmental services to buffering communities and the National Protected Areas System

Protected Areas Conservation Trust

April 1, 2016

To create an enabling environment for resource mobilization, revenue sharing and generation by APAMO’s Secretariat and its CBO members to raise the financing necessary to sustainably manage and maintain protected areas.

Global Environmental Fund – Small Grant Program, PACT, Oak Foundation

November 1, 2011

To contribute to the environmental sustainability of Belize through improved management effectiveness of co-managed protected areas.

OAK Foundation

September 1, 2010

The goal of this project is to build public awareness on the impacts and risks of oil exploration and drilling within the territorial waters and protected areas of Belize and garner enough local and international support through petitions, letters to the government of Belize, and, a rally (should the need arise), to get the government to effect a ban on oil exploration and drilling offshore and in protected areas in Belize by 2011 leading to the development of a Policy on Oil Exploration and Protected Areas for Belize that will safeguard protected areas and ecosystems including the Belize Barrier Reef and guide Belize’s energy developments.

Global Environmental Fund – Small Grant Program

July 1, 2010

To promote the growth and effectiveness of conservation NGOs and CBOs for the increased and improved management of our National Protected Areas System. The anticipated outcome of this project is to develop the capacity of 7 conservation CBOs with the necessary tools for increased and improved accountability, management of their protected areas, project management, delivery and report on programs and services to improve protected areas management.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

July 3, 2010

Conduct consultations with associated members of APAMO and other key stakeholders to develop recommendations how to integrate the protected areas policy and management into a new forest policy for Belize;

Prepare draft recommendations; validate these in two national stakeholder workshops and present consolidated recommendations to be included into the forest policy process.

PACT, OAK Foundation

January 3, 2010

The goal of NGO organizational capacity building is to increase the effectiveness of conservation NGOs and CBOs for improved management of our National Protected Areas System.

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