Due to the fundamental voluntary nature of the CBOs, their institutional growth into local sound management organizations can take a long evolution. Experience has demonstrated that CBOs will be constrained to undertake their functions as co-managers, due to a weak enabling environment including inadequate management systems, financial resource deficits, and inadequate planning. Therefore, the time has come for a paradigm shift in addressing this issue and APAMO is seeking to rectify this situation through the development of an administrative and management mechanism. At its core will be a sustainable tourism development plan to generate fresh finances through a cooperative type system, whereby the CBOs will contribute towards the sustainable operations of an APAMO Central Resource Centre (ACRC), which will receive seed financing through a partnership with PACT.

These communities manage (or co-manage) protected areas that hold great potential for tourism related businesses. Our protected areas provide pristine sanctuaries where exotic flora and fauna thrive in natural environments; little-changed by human hands and almost absolutely undisturbed. This provides the opportunity for the principal tourism offerings of bird watching, nature trails, river and sea tours and excursions.

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