This consultancy is an activity within the APAMO PACT project titled “Strengthening Management of the Mayflower Bocawina National Park through Management Planning and Improved Governance”. The project is contributing to the achievement of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan.

The National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan was just recently completed to support the implementation of the CBD 2011 – 2020 Strategic Plan in Belize, in recognition of its commitments under the CBD. Currently no CBO managed protected area has undergone a vulnerability assessment to identify the issues of climate change impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity and the need to build resilience. This project will serve as a demonstrative project for the APAMO network that will be replicated with the objective of mainstreaming climate change into protected areas management.

Main objective:
To improve management of the MBNP through management planning and institutional strengthening, thereby making it a more functional part of the National Protected Areas System.
The objective of this consultancy is to: develop a management plan for the MBNP incorporating biodiversity hot spots vulnerable to climate change.

Scope of Work:
Within the framework of the Term of Reference, the consultant is expected to perform, at a minimum, the following activities:

• Attend an initial meeting with the APAMO and the MBEDG to review the Terms of Reference and Contract and based on the discussion prepare a final Work Plan for the delivery of the contracted work.
• Conduct a literature review of any existing plans, studies, assessment reports, tools and relevant documents on management planning of protected areas in Belize.
• Plan and undertake one-day training for the Board of Directors of the MBEDG on the developed Management Plan.
Duration of Consultancy:
The total duration of the consultancy should not exceed 20 working days over a 3 months period.

Minimum Academic Qualifications, and Professional Experience
• Minimum of a Master’s Degree in natural resources planning and or management, or other field.
• Previous experience in the development of protected areas management and business plans is a must.

Expression of Interest and Request for the complete Term of Reference shall be submitted to the Executive Director at:
Office Address: Mile 54 Hummingbird Highway, Belmopan City

Deadline 5 February 2018

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