Major Renovations Taking Place at National Parks

We are ecstatic to announce that there’s major renovations occurring at two of our promising CBOs’ National Parks- Mayflower Bocawina and Rio Blanco National Park!

Firstly, Mayflower Bocawina Environmental Development Group (MEDG) are creating a new parking area to conserve the vegetation that was disturb from the former parking area.In addition to that, MEDG also moved their office building which was located in Silk Grass Village to the National Park.

The Rio Blanco Mayan Association (RBMA) is in the process of developing a medicinal trail in Rio Blanco National Park! This is an effort to attract more visitors as well as to highlight the cultural aspects of the community.

These activities are a part of the current Multi Grant Project supported by PACT. Read about it! 

Photos Courtesy FOMB & RBMA 

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