Building the Economic Opportunities for a System of Co-managers

Project Goal

To pilot a Central Business Development Center (CBDC) as a financial empowerment strategy to strengthen financial sustainability enabling improved management effectiveness of four protected areas. The four organizations targeted are: Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association (STACA); Friends of Swallow Caye (FOSC); Community Baboon Sanctuary Women’s Conservation Group (CBSWCG) ; and Rio Blanco Maya Association (RBMA).


Considering the current financial crisis being faced by protected areas, if the financial gap (approximately USD $10 million), is not addressed comprehensively, there is a very real risk to the integrity of the protected areas system. Without financial sustainability, the management presence in these essential areas may not be guaranteed leaving the protected areas open to illegal activities, incursions, and the erosion of their biodiversity and environmental services. Local communities in particular may not be able to participate and benefit from the management of protected areas and may revert to practices that are detrimental to the protected areas. This project will address this national issue by enabling networking and coordination to address the financial sustainability of the sites being co-managed by the community based organizations in a consolidated manner and at a systems level.


Total Budget – BZ $1, 039, 155.60

PACT – BZ $400, 000.00
WWF- BZ $171, 355.60
Other Contributions – BZ $351, 400.00

APAMO Contributions – BZ $116, 400.00

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