Strengthening Protected Areas Management through enhanced coordination, financial sustainability and climate change adaptation.

Project Goal

To strengthen protected areas management by improving coordination, networking, advocacy, mainstreaming climate change, culture and gender whilst addressing the financial sustainability of protected areas in Belize through the Association of Protected Areas Management Organization, APAMO.


Given the limited equipment, financial and human resources of the Government, community based organizations and non government al organizations are supporting the Government of Belize in the co-management of protected areas providing day-to-day management, administration, staff, protection, and fundraising. Given the large national debt, high poverty rate, high unemployment rate and the huge social services that need to be provided, it is very unlikely that the Government will be able to increase budget allocations for protected areas management. The National Protected Areas System Plan also calls for the inclusion of and the participation of communities in order to ensure that communities benefit from protected areas management. However, the limited capacity, technically and financially, of the community based organizations limit their ability to ensure effective management of protected areas, networking, fundraising, and reporting to the relevant Government Authorities. This project seeks to address the technical capacity and financial sustainability of the community based organizations and to improve the networking and coordination of co-managers (the APAMO Member in particular) and the Government in order to strengthen protected areas management.


Total Budget – BZ $716,217.16

PACT – BZ $125,105.00
Other Contributions – BZ $268,365.00

APAMO Contributions – BZ $322,747.16

0% Progress

A Small Business Workshop was held for several members under this project.

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