APAMO, Belize’s foremost association of committed protected areas management organizations, contributes to and advocates for the maintenance in perpetuity of a well managed and functional protected areas system that plays an integral role in national development, and contributes directly to the well being of communities and the nation.


To safeguard the integrity and diversity of Belize’s protected areas system and to ensure that any use of Belize’s natural resources sustainably benefits the Belizean society.


APAMO subscribes to the following values in carrying out its work:

  • An integrated membership centered and driven approach (strength in unity);
  • An unflinching belief in the continuous existence of naturally functioning ecosystems;
  • A belief that the abuse of power is unacceptable;
  • Member agencies operate within a spirit of collaboration;
  • Respect of differences of ideas and opinions among members;
  • The practice of collective decision-making;
  • Transparency and accountability in decision-making processes;
  • Members’ ownership of decision-making processes and decisions;
  • Empowering member agencies;
  • A belief that behavioural and attitudinal change are essential for the good of natural resources and people; and
  • APAMO will abide by a code of conduct based on its values.


APAMO is engaged in a number of initiatives and activities in pursuit of its following core objectives:

  • Advocate for and contribute to the sustainability and proper management of Belize’s protected areas;
  • Advocate for legislation and policies that provide for the long term integrity and proper management of Belize’s protected areas;
  • Champion the adoption and implementation of the national policy and systems plan for Belize’s protected areas, in order to secure the long-term integrity of the national protected areas system;
  • Continuously build the institutional capacity of the member agencies of the Association;
  • Act as a forum for increased communication, discussion and networking among its members in order to enhance coordination and collaboration among them; and create a networked voice for member agencies;
  • Highlight and promote the contribution that protected areas make on the economy and environment of Belize, and social well-being of Belizeans;
  • Advocate for and set improved standards for protected areas management; influencing national policy; and actively engaging the Government, the private sector, civil society and the donor community to ensure that protected areas contribute meaningfully to Belize’s national development;
  • Facilitate the provision of technical support and capacity building for member agencies of the association;
  • Provide a forum for discussion and prioritization of protected areas management issues, and concerted action for, and among, members;
  • Negotiate with the Government of Belize and national funding agencies for the proper allocation and expansion of funds, and sustained financing for the adequate management of protected areas;
  • Coordinate, promote or conduct environmental educational activities relating to the objectives of APAMO; and,
  • Engage in and encourage any relevant activities which promote sustainable human development and protected areas management.
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