Project Goal


Strengthened and viable CBOs as local institutions providing effective management of the protected areas adjacent to their communities.



Improved overall management capacity of the CBOs including enhanced governance (including to effectively manage PACT’s or any investment).

A business culture developed within the CBOs supporting financial self-stability;

Active communities integrated and benefitting from the management of CBOs managed protected areas.



The expected outcome of this strategic action for APAMO will be an institutionally strengthened network financially empowered with a membership undertaking effective protected areas management whilst generating its own revenue under the APAMO brand and a comprehensive marketing strategy.


The APAMO secretariat serving as a central hub for evidence-based information supported by a comprehensive data and information system.

Improved public awareness of protected areas being managed under the APAMO umbrella;

Continued improvement of co-managed protected areas as eco-tourism destinations contributing to their sustainability;

Strengthened partnerships with private sector including tourism businesses surrounding protected areas


Due to the fundamental voluntary nature of the CBOs, their institutional growth into local sound management organizations can take a long evolution. Experience has demonstrated that CBOs will be constrained to undertake their functions as co-managers, due to a weak enabling environment including time has come for a paradigm shift in addressing this issue and APAMO is seeking to rectify this situation through the development of an administrative and management mechanism. At its core will be a sustainable tourism development plan to generate fresh finances through a cooperative type system, whereby the CBOs will contribute towards the sustainable operations of an APAMO Central Resource Centre (ACRC), which will receive seed financing through a partnership with PACT.


Total Budget (PACT) – BZ $886,021.82

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