FOSC held AGM and Election of Board Members

Friends of Swallow Caye held its AGM Monday October 13, 2017 and the Caye Caulker Community Center. Attending the AGM were various community members, tour guides, business owners, representatives from theForest and Fisheries Departments, BTB and APAMO.

On the agenda was the election for board members, and the results were as follows:

Board of Directors

President: Mr. Marcial Alamina III
Vice President: Mr. Eloim Ellis
Treasurer: Ms. Briony Ysaguirre
Assistant Treasurer: Ms. Ann Seashore Heredia
Secretary: Ms. Lilliana Marin
Director: Mr. Donovan Burgess
Director: Mr. Philip Francis Billy Leslie

Director: Mr. Al Allen

Advisory Committee

Mr. Robert Pott
Ms. Nicole Auil Gomez
Ms. Lidia Vega

In addition to the New Board of Directors and Advisory Committee, FOSC also gained several new members!

You can visit FOSC on Facebook and their Website 

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