Looking for Ways to Intern or Volunteer with APAMO!

APAMO, a non-profit, non-governmental umbrella organization, is guided by its vision to promote the importance and proper management of protected areas in order to maintain their integrity and furthermore for the benefit for all Belize.

The Association represents its member agencies, participates in lobbying for an action related to protected areas issues, continuously builds the institutional capacity of the member organizations, and secures the financial sustainability of the protected areas.

You can help ensure that APAMO continues to provide these services and has the resources, and ability to continue to deliver them by making a donation of your time to support the services of APAMO.

A volunteer is one who believes in the Vision and Mission of APAMO and who undertakes activities of their own free will without monetary reward. Volunteering benefits the volunteer, APAMO and the community, it helps to build institutional strength and there may be skills and valuable experiences that the volunteer will gain.

To learn more, interested persons please visit:
Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations
 #18 Haulover Creek St.
Belmopan City, 
Cayo District

Or email communications@apamobelize.org

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