Community-based Organizations

CBO-CBSnCommunity Baboon Sanctuary Women Conservation Group

MISSION // The CBSWCG is a voluntary, grassroots, non-profit organization, NGO that conserves the natural resources of the Community Baboon Sanctuary through education, eco-cultural tourism, and scientific research, sustainable community development, through socio-economic benefit and ecological integrity of the Belize River Valley area.

VISION // The CBS Women’s Conservation Group is a leading voluntary, grassroots organization, actively contributing to the conservation of the ecological integrity, socio-economic, and community development, through the effective management of a unique CBS.

Forest and Marine Reserves Association of Caye Caulker

MISSION // FAMRACC is a non-profit consortium of local organizations that, through a spirit of volunteerism, conserves and restores the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of the Caye Caulker Forest and Marine Reserve and adjacent areas for the well-being and benefit of present and future generations.
VISION // FAMRACC, a self-supporting consortium of local organizations, is a respected, influential, and cross-generational leader in the conservation and restoration of the globally important forest and marine resources of the Caye Caulker region.

Friends of Swallow Caye

MISSION // FOSC is a non-profit, community-based, non-governmental organization that engages in protected areas management meeting Belize’s NPAS standards to conserve the globally significant manatee, to preserve Belize’s natural heritage for present and future generations while contributing to poverty alleviation.

VISION // FOSC innovatively motivates Belizeans to appreciate and enhance the natural heritage and biodiversity of Belize through inclusive participatory management of SCWS with a primary focus on protecting the manatee.
VISIT WEBSITE // www.swallowcaye.org

Friends of Mayflower Bocawina

MISSION // FOMB is a community based NGO that contributes to the preservation and conservation of the natural resources of the Freshwater Creek and North Stann Creek water sheds of Belize through the effective management of MBNP, while providing income generating opportunities for local stakeholders, thereby benefiting present and future generations.

VISION // FOMB national park is a community based and supported NGO which provides a wide range of research and recreational programs and tourism related services in the Stann Creek District, while effectively managing and conserving the ecological features of Mayflower Bocawina National Park.
VISIT WEBSITE // www.mayflowerbocawina.org

Rio Blanco Mayan Association

The Rio Blanco Mayan Association (RBMA) co-manages the Rio Blanco National Park in collaboration with the Forest Department. RBMA is made up of community members from the two Maya villages of Santa Elena and Santa Cruz and is headed by a Board of Directors made up of seven elected members drawn from these two buffer communities.
MISSION //To position RBNP as Toledo’s top visited National Park creating enjoyment and satisfaction through tourism services.

The Rancho Dolores Environmental & Development Co. Ltd.

MISSION // RDEDCL is a Community-based, non-profit NGO that promotes the conservation of Spanish Creek Wildlife Sanctuary through Environmental Education, volunteerism and sustainable economic development of Rancho Dolores and its buffer communities.

VISION // The RDEDCL unifies villagers to transform local attitudes towards the sustainable use of six miles of Spanish Creek and our six thousand acres of wet land to improve the quality of life of surrounding communities while preserving the natural and cultural heritage.

Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association

MISSION // STACA is a community based organisation that steadfastly contributes to the conservation and protection of the natural resources of the North Stann Creek and Mullins River Watersheds through the effective management of the Billy Barquedier National Park for the benefit of the Stann Creek Valley, Dangriga and the Mullins River region.

VISION // The Steadfast Tourism And Conservation Association is a respected grassroots leader in community based watershed conservation in the Stann Creek District.
VISIT WEBSITE // www.billybarquedier.org